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No matter how you ride, we have the perfect e-bike and gear to get you rolling.

Never Been on an E-Bike? Test Ride Today!

E-bikes are changing lives! Casual riders are transformed into daily commuters as their e-bikes make cross-town trips easy. Cynergy E-Bikes has been Portland's premier local, independent e-bike retailer since 2014 and has an e-bike to fit every rider's needs. Come discover the joy of riding again!

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 E-Bikes are EASY TO LEARN

If you know how to ride a traditional bicycle, you know how to ride an e-bike.


The savings of an electric bike over a car is huge. A 10-cent charge will typically take you anywhere from 25 to 65 miles, and as far as 90+ miles. Say good-bye to hunting for a parking and parking fees.


E-Bikes have 0 - 1% of the carbon footprint per mile compared to a gas-powered car.


Everyone loves riding their e-bike. And the more you ride, the better you feel. E-bikes liberate you both from the confines of your car, and the exhaustion from climbing steep hills.

Free Tune-Up / 12-Month FREE Warranty Labor

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About Us

Cynergy E-Bikes has been an independent e-bike dealer since 2014, so we understand what we are selling and how to care for e-bikes.

Our purpose is to get you enjoying life on two wheels and, if we can, get you out of your car in the process. E-bikes make daily bike commuting a breeze and extend your reach on those weekend rides so you can explore more and drive less.

Come visit us and see our great selection and awesome deals!

Service You Can Trust

When you bring your bicycle to us for maintenance or repair, our friendly, professionally trained technicians will assess your bike's needs and provide you with a free, no-obligation estimate. Whether your bike is in need of a minor adjustment or a major overhaul, we promise that your ride is in good hands.