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About Us

Your Local E-Bike Experts

Cynergy E-Bikes in SE Portland, Oregon has been sharing our passion for electric bicycles since 2014, so we understand what we are selling and how to care for e-bikes. We are a one-stop shop for top brand e-bikes, accessories and service. 

Our purpose is to get you enjoying life on two wheels and, if we can, get you out of your car in the process. E-bikes make daily bike commuting a breeze and extend your reach on those weekend rides. We are here to show you just how much fun life can be without a gas engine. And once we help you find the bike you love, our aim is to be here for support and service to ensure you keep the same wide smile that you showed the first time you tried an electric bike.

Come visit us and see our great selection. With dozens of models in stock, we are confident we have an e-bike that will fit your dreams. We love to educate people on e-bike benefits and give free test rides so you can experience the joy for yourself.

Stop by and test ride a wide variety of e-bikes and experience how an electric bike opens up a new world of possibilities! Cross-town commutes become quick and easy, running errands transform from a chore into a fun break in the day, and big, challenging hills magically turn into molehills with little sweat.

Come in for a free test ride and see for yourself!

Why Shop With Us?

The easy response is that we are real people that are passionate about what we sell, which means there is someone you can turn to when you need support for your e-bike.

Are e-bikes new? Not for us! We have been selling quality e-bikes and providing professional bike repair services since 2014 so we know what we are doing. We stand behind what we sell and provide top quality service to keep you on the road. 

That cheap e-bike you just saw online? It probably isn't the deal you think it is. Is the battery UL or CE certified? If not then, at best, it may not last and, at worst, it could be a fire hazard. Check out the warranty details. Is there a local shop that can get the parts and do the work? Or are you on the hook for shipping it out of state (and back!) just to get warranty work done? And does the warranty cover labor? Hmmm. Suddenly that cheap internet bike becomes an expensive paperweight. 

The brands we sell didn't pop up last month. They have a long track record and a strong future. Our service department has dealer access to parts suppliers and expertise that will greatly extend the life of your ride. And labor for warranty is covered! (In the unlikely event one of our bikes needs warranty work.) 

We are invested in your e-bike experience. We think that is a great reason to invest in an e-bike with us. Give us a chance to convince you!

Browse Our Bike Selection

Find your dream bike today and visit us for a test ride. We'll ensure that you're on the right bike to meet your needs and the right frame size for a comfortable, safe cycling experience.