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Due to COVID-19, all service drop-offs, including flat fixes are by appointment only.

Also, due to an increase in service orders:
  • MOST service appointments will be scheduled approximately 14 days prior to you dropping off your bike.
  • At our discretion, some simple repairs might be scheduled sooner.
  • Please expect a 3-7 day turn-around after you drop of your bike.
  • This excludes flat fixes which we will typically handle either while you wait or within 2 hours. HOWEVER, please be aware that there is a worldwide shortage of innertubes in which we might not have a tube to fit your tire.

When you bring in an e-bike for service, please bring in your battery key.

We have a full scope of individual repair services for all types of bicycles including:

  • flat repair
  • brake adjustments and pad replacement
  • hydraulic brake service
  • derailleur adjustment
  • cable adjustment and replacement
  • component installation
  • wheel truing
  • spoke replacement
... and more.

Tune-Up Pricing

When you bring in an e-bike for service, please bring in your battery key.

Adjust derailleurs - front and rear, lube pulleys X X X
Adjust brakes** - front and rear X X X
True wheels*** - front and rear X X X
Lube chain X X X
Lube cables X X X
Adjust all bearings (excludes e-bike motors) X X X
Safety check & test ride X X X
Update e-bike firmware (where applicable) X +$10 +$10
Wipe down (about 10 minutes for debris and grease) X X X
Clean drive train (crank, chain, cassette & derailleurs) X X
Headset overhaul X
Hub overhaul X
Bottom bracket overhaul X
New handlebar tape or grip installation X
Cables changed, if needed X
Bike frame cleaned and polished X

* Might not be available during peak season.
** Excludes hydraulic brakes and suspension overhaul.

*** Includes up to 20 minutes of wheel truing. Additional charges for major wheel truing.

All services include labor, but do not include parts. Where parts need replacing, parts charges may apply.

Some restrictions on motorized systems may apply.

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