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E-Bike Brands We Service
Traditional Bicycle Repair Services
Scheduling Service for Your Bike

Electric Bicycle Repair Services

We are an authorized service center for all brands we stock, plus possibly some others.
MAJOR BRANDS WE SERVICE. Our list includes, but may not be limited to:
  • A2B
  • Bulls
  • Blix
  • Diamondback
  • Easy Motion
  • EG
  • E-Lux
  • EZip
  • Felt
  • Genze
  • Giant
  • Haibike
  • IZip
  • Magnum
  • Raleigh
  • Yamaha
  • Yuba (TranzX, Bosch and Shimano motors)
Plus we service all Bosch, Yamaha and Shimano mid-drive systems.

We service other electric bike brands and some conversion kits as well. Availability of parts for other brands will vary, as will our ability to provide service for some brands. Please call to review your needs before bringing in an electric bike that is not among those listed above.

Traditional Bicycle Repair Services

We have a full scope of individual repair services for all types of bicycles including:
  • flat repair
  • brake adjustments and pad replacement
  • hydraulic brake service
  • derailleur adjustment
  • cable adjustment and replacement
  • component installation
  • wheel truing
  • spoke replacement
... and more.

Scheduling Service for Your Bike

When you bring in an e-bike for service, please bring in your battery key.

With respect to the needs of our service customers and getting their bike returned to them in as timely a manner as we are able, we use the following guidelines for scheduling work on bikes.

  • Customers who schedule an appointment in advance will receive priority over those who don't. Please be aware that for same day service we have a limited number of scheduled openings per day.
  • You may drop your bike off for service without scheduling an appointment. We will give you our best and most sincere estimate as to when we can have the bike ready for you.
  • Except for small repairs such as flats and minor tunes, we cannot promise same day turnarounds, unless you schedule in advance. If you would like same day service and have not scheduled it in advance, you may call ahead and we will let you know if we can fit you in.
  • We will not promise same day turnaround on Saturdays except for out-of-town customers who are scheduling the complimentary tune-up that comes with the purchase of a bike. Even then, we have a limited number of openings, and you must schedule the same day tune-up in advance.
  • There is no same day turnaround on Sundays due to limited service staff and hours open that day. (We are only open on Sundays during busier months. Please check out current store hours.)
  • We will try our best to get your bike back to you by the day we say we will. However, it will sometimes take longer than expected. We my determine that your bike needs a part that we do not have in stock. Also, we sometimes discover that we need more time to diagnose a problem, especially electrical problems. It's inevitable in the e-bike business.
  • For e-bikes of manufacturers we do not carry, we reserve the right to not service your bike. It's not that we don't like them. We just might not be able diagnose your problem or get replacement parts.
  • We do not service e-bikes with motors that exceed 1000W. Our insurance will not allow us to.

Tune-Up Pricing

Services Performed COMPLETE OVERHAUL
Adjust derailleurs - front and rear, lube pulleys X X X
Adjust brakes** - front and rear X X X
True wheels*** - front and rear X X X
Lube chain X X X
Lube cables X X X
Adjust all bearings (excludes e-bike motors) X X X
Safety check & test ride X X X
Wipe down (about 10 minutes for debris and grease) X X X
Clean drive train (crank, chain, cassette & derailleurs) X X
Headset overhaul X
Hub overhaul X
Bottom bracket overhaul X
New handlebar tape or grip installation X
Cables changed, if needed X
Bike frame cleaned and polished X

** Excludes hydraulic brakes and suspension overhaul.
*** Includes up to 20 minutes of wheel truing. Additional charges for major wheel truing.

All services include labor, but do not include parts. Where parts need replacing, parts charges may apply.

Some restrictions on motorized systems may apply.

QUESTIONS? Call 503-719-7678 or EMAIL US