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Cynergy will bring the show to you.

Is your workplace trying to encourage the use of clean, efficient, fit and fun transportation alternatives?

Are you trying to reduce the need to expand parking by growing the base of your bike commuters?

Is your community interested in reducing congestion by expanding the use of bicycles?

Does your club or faith group have a curiosity for new technology that is fun while contributing to the protection of the environment?

Is your company hosting a Health & Wellness or Environmental Fair?
    Cynergy not only offers test rides out our back door, we'll also travel to your group. We bring multiple bikes, helmets and appropriate paperwork. We provide personalized demonstrations on how to ride the bikes.

    Testing an ebike is not only enlightening, it is awesomely fun.

    Want to add some learning to the fun? We also provide slide show presentations. Topics cover:
    • A summary of the growing interest in electric bikes - both in the U.S. and worldwide
    • How e-bikes meet the needs of large portions of the population who aren't using regular bikes
    • Factors to consider when selecting your e-bike
    • An overview of e-bike technology
    Learn about a Lunch & Learn we did at PGE.

    Call 503-719-7678 or EMAIL US to discuss a group session at your location.

    NOTE: When thinking of having Cynergy meet with your group, please be aware that we hold firm to the belief that the absolutely best way to understand the value, benefits and opportunities of e-bikes is to ride them. We love giving test rides. If your organization's location or situation is such that test rides are not feasible, we might have to decline meeting with your group. In any case, feel free to contact us to discuss having us coming out.