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Electric Bike Conversion Kits

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Do you have a bike you find particularly comfortable or satisfying that you want to convert to include electric assist?
Cynergy can convert your regular bike to an e-bike.

Conversion kits are available for:
  • standard bicycles
  • cargo bikes
  • recumbents and tandems
  • adult upright tricycles

We’ll help match the right kit for your riding requirements, your bike and your budget. Call 503-719-7678 or EMAIL US

We need to review any bike we are to install a kit on before we take your order so that we are certain that the kit will be compatible with your bike. Please be prepared to either bring in your bike for review, provide pictures, or provide your bike's make and model.

Mid-Drive Kits - E-Rad from Lectric Cycles

Our best selling kit. Excellent performance. Very smooth and extremely quiet. 350W – 750W mid-drive motor with shift detection*

  • Lockable lithium ion battery
  • 5 levels of pedal assist, plus “no assist”
  • LCD display
  • Right-side/Left-side twist or thumb throttle
  • Safety brake levers (except hydraulic brakes)
* Shift detection pauses the motor when changing gears. Shift detection is advised for mid-drive motors on multi-speed bikes to reduce chain stress and prevent gear “mashing."

Review of the E-Rad 500 watt Mid-Drive System

$1,450 - $1,950

Estimated Installation: $150 - $200
Price will vary based on motor size, battery selection, complexity of installation, and any need to change bike components.

Adult Tricycle Kits
The following option is for customers who have an adult tricycle that they want to convert to having electric assist. Cynergy also offers a complete package of an adult tricycle combined with an installed conversion kit.
  • 500W front hub motor
  • Forward/Reverse switch: Maximum 14 mph forward / Maximum 4 mph reverse
  • 36V/12Ah Sealed Lead Acid battery (upcharge option for lithium ion battery)
  • Right side thumb throttle + LED power level indicator
  • Safety brake levers (except hydraulic brakes)
Price: $989
(includes installation) Price may vary based on complexity of installation.

Fully-Purposed Electric Bikes
- Along with a wide choice of conversion kit options, Cynergy offers a complete selection of full-featured electric bicycles, often at prices similar or lower than conversion kits.
Check out our on-line catalog.