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Electric Bike Conversion Kits

Adult Tricycle Kits
The following option is for customers who have an adult tricycle that they want to convert to having electric assist. Cynergy also offers a complete package of an adult tricycle combined with an installed conversion kit.
  • 500W front hub motor
  • Forward/Reverse switch: Maximum 14 mph forward / Maximum 4 mph reverse
  • 48V/11.6Ah Lithium Ion battery, lockable in the rear basket - or - Sealed Lead Acid battery in canvas waterproof bag resting in basket
  • 5 levels of pedal assist
  • Thumb throttle
  • Safety brake levers (except hydraulic brakes)
Price: $1125 - $1650
(includes installation) Price will vary based on choice of Lithium Ion vs. SLA battery, whether battery is lockable and complexity of installation.

Our Troubles with E-Bike Conversion Kits

With the exception of the Adult Trike conversion kit explained above, Cynergy is currently not providing conversion kit solutions. Reasons are as follows:

  • Supplier unreliability - We are currently unable to find a reliable supplier as a partner. Stocking levels are typically low or non-existent. Technical support has been difficult to get. Spare parts are getting harder to obtain.
  • Product unreliability - Over time we have determined that that reliability of conversion kits has not stacked up compared to most factory built e-bikes. And the quality of motors currently available appears to be in decline compared to previously.
  • Low value and comparatively high cost compared to factory built e-bikes - Since we started selling conversion kits, the price of converting an e-bike to electric, when including labor, has often been close to, or even higher than the cost of a factory-built e-bike. Add the cost of the bicycle, and the customer found the converted bike cost as much or more than an e-bike. Admittedly, a conversion kit is sometimes the only option for those who find something special about their own bike that they can't find in a factory-built e-bike.
  • Long-term viability - One major kit manufacturer, BionX, has gone out of business. One of our major suppliers of Bafang motors, who used to be a leader in the industry has cut back on their business dramatically. With ongoing reliability problems, we have to wonder whether replacement parts will be available in the future.
  • Lack of demand - Conversion kits have become a continuing declining portion of our business as we've expanded or selection of factory-built e-bikes.
Factory-Built Electric Bikes - Cynergy offers a complete selection of full-featured electric bicycles, often at prices similar or lower than conversion kits. We encourage you to check out our on-line catalog.