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Magnum Payload Cargo E-Bike Magnum Payload

The Magnum Payload Cargo E-Bike is a fairly unique bike as it’s a Class II and III hybrid, with throttle assist up to 20 MPH and pedal assist up to 25 MPH.
Powered by a rear hub 500 W/90 Nm torque motor, this cargo bike is built for surmounting steep street hills and keeping up with stop and go traffic alike,
a suitable option for both smaller towns and larger cities.

MSRP: $2,800.00
Sale Price: $1,899.00
Momentum PakYak E+ eBike Momentum PakYak E+

Yamaha, Class 3, Cargo Bike, 24"

MSRP: $5,600.00
Sale Price: $4,900.00
2021 Momentum Pakyak & Cube Cargo Hybrid Sport Ebikes in Stock now! Email – info@cynergyebikes.com or call (503) 719-7678 for details and availability.