Cynergy and the E-Bike Transformative Experience

We know that e-bikes are transformative. We have heard time after time from our customers that e-bikes change people. Whether it is changing their mode of transportation or getting them back into bike riding, e-bikes make people feel better.

Here's just some ways that people change:

  • They become more active
  • They feel better using ultra-clean, easy transportation
  • They get away from the rat race of driving (and parking)
  • They ride more with friends, with family and they love showing people their e-bike
Our slogan of “Love your ride” is more than just words. We work to assure that you will be thrilled with both your new electric bike and your experience buying from Cynergy E-Bikes.

We aim to make sure that, throughout your e-bike experience, you keep the same wide smile that you showed the first time you tried an electric bike.

Cast of Characters
Assistant Manager

While everyone on the Cynergy team is well-versed regarding the features and capabilities of our bikes, Josh is “mega-versed”. If you challenge Josh with an odd question, there’s a good chance he’ll have a useful answer.

What makes Josh especially qualified for recommending products is that he and Rich almost always agree on anything about e-bikes.

Josh leads the service department and brings sanity to our chaos when Rich and Ruthellen aren't around.

When Josh isn’t working, he’s gardening, spending time with his kids, or researching e-bikes with his dog, Sweety, by his side.


Matt is meticulous, both in his approach to wrenching and making sure that you'll be matched up with the right bike for you. When he builds a bike, it’s next to impossible for a bike inspector to find anything that needs further adjusting.

During his few spare moments when he's not wrenching or advising customers at Cynergy, he's finding ways to improve shop productivity.

Matt digs golf and snowboarding and finds Oregon’s hills to be much better than his home state Iowa plains. He's also building a collection of some very eclectic older bicycles.


Bicycling is a natural extension of Mason’s being with him finding more balance on two wheels than on his two feet. His love of bikes is not just about the fun, it’s about their enormous efficiencies – both for non-electric and electric bikes – and the mechanical principals that make them work so well.

Mason is a native of central California, where he built is passion for mountain biking. You’ll find him to be a terrific resource for selecting an eMTB when you are able to tear him away from building and tuning bikes.

When not riding, Mason spends his outdoor time skateboarding, backpacking and surfing. When we’re closed, you’ll often find him shredding the trails at East Portland’s Gateway Green.


Jude is quick with his ordering skills and some say even quicker with a wrench! He can pay a bill, order a part and fix a flat in under 10 minutes.

When not working in the shop Jude spends some time DJ'ing around Portland.

Jude is our go to guy for communications with vendors, bill pay, and mechanic work.