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And We Learn From Our Mistakes

Crispy Clowns
October 23, 2018
I called ahead and asked if they knew or could help me figure out how to fix the tire on my electric unicycle. When I arrived after a 20 minute drive I cannot find the person I talk to on the phone and someone else told me there’s no way they can do that. And was really short with me and pretty much won’t even look at the device. Super bad customer service and rude. Very stuck up.

Response from the owner

We apologize for the poor experience. Upon review of the vehicle that the customer brought in, it was determined that we could not service it, due to both lack of experience with this vehicle type - it was more like a hoverboard than a unicycle with pedals - and because our insurance would not allow us to service this type of vehicle. No matter, we are acknowledging that the customer should have been informed in a more courteous manner than he was. The employee who worked with the customer acknowledges that he should have been more courteous and offers his apology as well.
Moving forward, for those who call ahead requesting service on something different than an electric or non-electric bike or trike, we will ask them to email us a photo or look up the exact make and model so we can determine the type of vehicle prior to the customer making a trip. So at least we learned something and have made an improvement to our procedures as a result of this unpleasant experience.

* Yelp assigns a portion of their reviews as "not-recommended", and places those reviews on a back page. A sizable number of our Yelp reviews are assigned to this back page. We have asked Yelp multiple times as to why some of our reviews are not assigned to the top page. They never provide a specific response, only stating that they don't meet their computer algorithm. Quite honestly, we are at a loss as to why they don't accept more of our reviews other than perhaps the comments are too consistent. That consistency to us is simply a statement that we try to treat all customers well. We do encourage customers to tell of their experience in our shop, but we do not reward customers in any way to do so.