About Cynergy E-Bikes

About Cynergy E-Bikes

Cynergy and the E-Bike Transformative Experience

Cast of Characters

Rich and Ruthellen

Rich and Ruthellen Fein spend their working and most of their waking hours spreading the word about how terrific the e-bike experience can be and assuring that store visitors will have a fantastic experience - both when purchasing and after purchasing their bike. They try very hard to give every customer a personal experience – from listening to their needs and expectations, to teaching about the various types of e-bikes, and then personally escorting riders out back in our quiet, low-traffic neighborhood (riding up the hills…).

They are e-bike loyalists, getting rid of one of their cars, and rarely driving the other.

In their spare time you'll usually find them outdoors - paddle sports, pedal sports, hiking and "running" (their euphemism for moving slightly faster than a walk).

Tyler - a.k.a. The Answer Man

Tyler really is our jack of all trades. When he's not helping a customer select the ideal e-bike or conversion kit, he's often working on unique and custom solutions.Tyler knows traditional bike technology inside and out, be it road bike, commuter, or mountain. He has earned his veteran stripes for e-bike technology as well.

Cynergy and the E-Bike Transformative Experience
We know that e-bikes are transformative. We have heard time after time from our customers that e-bikes change people. Whether it is changing their mode of transportation or getting them back into bike riding, e-bikes make people feel better. Here's just some ways that people change:
  • They become more active
  • They feel better using ultra-clean, easy transportation
  • They get away from the rat race of driving (and parking)
  • They ride more with friends, with family and they love showing people their e-bike
Our slogan of “Love your ride” is more than just words. We work to assure that you will be thrilled with both your new electric bike and your experience buying from Cynergy E-Bikes.

We aim to make sure that, throughout your e-bike experience, you keep the same wide smile that you showed the first time you tried an electric bike.