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Welcome to the world of Class 3 E-Bikes. Built for speed, these bikes provide pedal assist up to 28mph! Ideal for those with longer rides or who find that 20mph isn’t quite enough.

NOTE: Some states and municipalities have restrictions regarding the use of class 3 e-bikes. In Oregon, class 3 e-bikes are treated as bicycles as long as speeds cannot exceed 20mph when not pedaling (i.e. – use of throttle only).

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IZIP Dash e-bike IZIP E3 Dash 2017

28mph Assist. Very well equipped.

Our Price: $2,599.00
Sale Price: $2,159.00
Giant Quick-E+ E-Bike Giant Quick-E+

Fully Equipped Power-Commuter with 500W Yamaha Mid-Drive

Our Price: $3,050.00
Sale Price: $2,799.00
Bulls Six50 E 2 Street EBike Bulls Six50 E 2 Street

Bosch 28-mph / 500Wh battery

Our Price: $3,899.00
Sale Price: $3,699.00
Giant Road-E+ E-Bike Giant Road-E+

500W Yamaha Mid-Drive in a Road-Bike Platform

Our Price: $4,050.00
Sale Price: $3,799.00
BullsLacuba EVO E45 Electric  Bike Bulls Lacuba EVO E45

Brose motor.  17.5/650Wh battery

Our Price: $4,399.00
Sale Price: $3,999.00