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"One of the most beautiful, well-balanced electric bikes I’ve ever tested," Electric Bike Review.

Classic styling with a completely hidden battery. A super smooth, quite belt drive and nearly silent motor. You'll feel like you are riding through the clouds.
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Featured E-Bikes

IZIP E3 Vibe Plus 2016 e-bike IZIP E3 Vibe Plus 2016

Quick, quite, zippy & affordable

Price: $2,099.00
Sale Price: $1,799.00
IZIP Path Plus Low-Step 2016 e-bike IZIP E3 Path Plus Low-Step 2016

Comfort, mid-drive, hydraulic brakes. Additional in-store savings.

Price: $2,699.00
Sale Price: $2,299.00
Haibike SDuro Hardseven SM ebike Haibike SDuro Hardseven SM

MTB and Commuter in one. Responsive 500W mid-drive.

Price: $2,499.00
Scott E-Sub Tour Scott E-Sub Tour

Bosch 350W Mid-Drive - fully equipped. In-store savings.

Price: $3,299.00
E-Bikes are EASY TO LEARN. If you know how to ride a traditional bike, you know how to ride an e-bike. Once you put pressure on a pedal, you’ll find riding an electric bicycle as natural as riding a traditional bicycle.

E-Bikes are ECONOMICAL. As a transportation alternative, the savings over a car are enormous. A 10-cent charge will typically last 25-40 miles with light pedaling, and as far as 70 miles. You can kiss parking expenses goodbye. They require the same low maintenance as a regular bike. And all ebikes we carry have lithium ion batteries, lasting 12,000-20,000 miles - or more - with proper care.

E-Bikes are ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY. When considering the fuel that is burned to generate electricity used to charge the battery, the power to run an ebike emits only 1-3% of the CO2 per mile as that of a car.